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An extreme body artist has taken piercing to a HOLE new level after creating giant flesh tunnels in his cheeks. Caters News Agency Alternative model, Joel Miggler, 23, from Küssaberg, Germany began experimenting with body modifications at the tender age of 13.

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May 25, 2011 · Body Piercings: 12 Most Extreme Body Piercings. In a bizarre publicity stunt, Dr Wei Sheng pierced 2008 decorative needles in his head, face, hands and chest in the five colours of the Olympic rings. Dr Sheng’s stunt was not the first time he had gained notoriety for sticking pins in his body. In 2004 he secured a Guinness World Record after piercing 1790 needles into his head.

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Extreme Body Piercings. 33 likes. We specialise in all different body piercings, including; Eye brow, Lip, Nose, Navel/Belly and Tongue rins. We try to

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Jan 30, 2015 · Extreme body modifications: Piercings, tattoos and implants on show in Caracas. Tattoo, skin implant and body piercing fans from around the world have gathered in Caracas for a four-day event celebrating extreme body modification at the Venezuela Tattoo Expo. Visitors to the show displayed extreme piercings, tattoos, skin and teeth implants and even dye injected into eye-balls.

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Neck piercings are more frequently done on the back of the neck, but they can also be done on the front and sides. To learn more about surface piercings, check out our Dermal Piercing & Surface Piercing FAQs. Other Extreme Piercings

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Extreme Body Modifications: Body Piercings The biggest challenge with piercings in spots such as the tongue, belly button, and genital area is wound care to avoid infection and pain. There’s also the daily risk of getting these piercings caught on other items.

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Z Tech 10: Body piercings have become quite popular in modern society!

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